I am a programmer, a backpacker, a fairly avid reader, a model helicopter enthusiast, an amateur photographer and an all-around nerd. This home page serves as a jumping-off point for some of my projects and ideas. Some of these are:

  • My Blog
    I don't update this anymore and I'm slowly migrating content off to Facebook, but there is still some good stuff here.
  • Facebook
    As much as I hate a big evil corporation storing all my social networking data, social network only works if we all use the same network, so since about 2012 I've been posting most of my personal stuff here.
  • Word Game Solver
    I made a quick-and-dirty Java web server applet that can help you find words suitable for play in games like Scrabble.
  • Feralor
    Feralor is a game that I've been working on developing for years now. Mostly it's just a fun way to engage my brain and teach myself new technologies and programming languages. Maybe some day it will even be playable! For now, it's just an idea.
  • Mercury
    The idea behind Mercury is to make social networking secure and peer-to-peer so that there is no big corporation with access to all your data. This project is also just an idea at this point.
  • Foopal
    Foopal is a Java web application framework modeled after the Drupal application framework. This project is just an idea at this point as well.
  • Yarpe
    Yarpe will be a network configuration, monitoring and graphing tool. Yup, you guessed it: just an idea right now.

Other projects and things will show up here from time to time. Check back soon for more!