FalconSoft was founded in 1994 by Jim and I as a dial-up BBS, before the days of the ubiquitous Internet. Over the years, the company transformed into a web development company. After the dot-com bust in 2000, the company more or less shuttered its doors. The name has been kept alive all these years as a kind of memento of our company and the people who were a part of it. We had several prople work for us for a time (including Dan and Ruth, my mom) and a lot of fun was had working together. A lot has changed since 2000. I have moved to California, and both Jim and I have taken full-time jobs elsewhere. The Internet has changed dramatically as well, moving from an geeky distraction to a something that contains nearly the entirety of human knowledge.

Why FalconSoft?

The name FalconSoft came about when searching for a cooler sounding name for the BBS. Originally, the BBS was called “MegaFiles” or something like that, and I decided that we needed something catchier. At the time, BBSs were primarily used to distribute shareware, so the name FalconSoft seemed appropriate.